Monday 21: Back to the Classics Quiz

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Q.1. According to Tawarikh-i-Punjab (1848), written by Ghulam Muhayy-ud-Din alias Bute Shah, X laid the foundation of the Sikh shrine Harmandir Sahib (Golden Temple), at the request of Guru Arjan Dev. This is also mentioned in several European sources, beginning with The Punjab Notes and Queries. Even the Report Sri Darbar Sahib (1929), published by the Harmandir Sahib temple authorities, have endorsed this account.

However largely, this is considered a legend to solidify Sikh-Muslim Unity.

Who is X?

a.) Dara Sikhoh
b.) Mian Mir
c.) Prince Khurram
d.) Bairam Khan

b.) Mian Mir

He was a very famed sufi …

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